NAC / GTE Complex


This super anti inflammatory combination protects the heart and brain from decline.  It also supports metabolic function and supports glucose regulation.

INGREDIENTS: N acetyl cysteine 540mg, green tea extract 200mg. No fillers, no additives.

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  • Take one tablet per 2 -3 per day on an empty stomach.
  • Empty (2-3 hrs after food and 45mins to 1hr before food. Can be taken close to food if there is digestive upset.


  • N acetyl cysteine (NAC) & Green Tea Extract (GTE) – an intelligent combination
  • NAC is a an amino acid and a precursor to antioxidants such as glutathione
  • It protects the liver and kidneys and can support the body in a variety of health conditions by improving detoxification pathways
  • Cardio protective. Boosts nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow.
  • Can increase dopamine levels and slow cognitive decline
  • GTE contains EGCG a potent anti oxidant and l theanine which can protect brain from oxidative damage, lend a calm alertness, improve over all sleep.
  • GTE has anti viral properties combined with NAC offer strong protection to the immune system.
  • Both NAC and Green Tea Extract have anti inflammatory effects and are cardio protective
  • Should be used under advisement of healthcare practitioner.

All Better Health Products use products from a trusted & traceable source.

Note: this is not meant to replace a well-balanced diet. Contact your local healthcare practitioner or Siobhán Shinnors for a consultation or purchase a Personalised Nutrition Report for further support.

CAUTIONS: Always refer to a healthcare practitioner if you are on medication or pregnant before taking herbs or supplements. Not suitable for pregnancy.

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