Frequently asked Questions

After you have completed your booking you receive an email to confirm your pending appointment and a link to a consultation form to fill in from within the website.  Once your the clinic has reviewed the date and time you will receive confirmation of your appointment and a pdf of your completed consultation form.  You will also receive a reminder 48hrs before your consultation.  The Better health Clinic will ring your or admit you to the zoom room when ready.    

The process for booking online requires you fill an online consultation form. This form asks for detailed medical history and dietary habits and a focus of what you want to achieve from the consultation. Fill in as much detail as possible. The rest of the form can be filled in at the time of the consultation. The more accurately & detailed you can fill in the form, the less likely the consultation will run over the designated time. Blood work or lab results can be attached and submitted with the form. This information will be used to tailor the best healing protocol for you.

Your Healthcare practitioner will review the appointment date & time and either confirm or suggest an alternative date. You will receive confirmation of your appointment via email or text shortly after booking online. You will also receive a reminder 24hrs before your consultation. Notifications include the venues postcode. Siobhan Shinnors will be available by phone if there is any difficulty.

You are very welcome to also book by phone.  Please ring +353(0)877714938 or email

Yes regularly.  Please allow for time differences when booking your appointment time.

Consultations provide you with advice and support on nutrition, yoga, herbal medicine, online courses.  Ring +353(0)877714938 or email if you need further support in choosing.  

See the overview here.

  • Herbal Medicine – Iridology, Nutrition, Personalised herbal medicine, Access to Lab Testing 
  • Nutrition – Iridology, Nutrition, Access to Lab testing. 
  • Phone Consult – Short review/update by phone or consult for an acute illness like flu, ear ache,  etc.  
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Report – Nutrition Plan; Advice on products from Better Health Shop; one email support;  
  • Yoga Classes – Online and Onsite in Limerick, Nenagh, Ireland
  • Yoga Therapy – Online and Onsite in Nenagh, Ireland
  • Courses – Course titles will grow and give a range of options to choose a particular focus that will support your better health plan.  

Yes no problem. There is an option at online checkout. Office hours are 10 – 5pm. Herbs are left on the shelf in reception of the Nenagh Better Health Clinic, Co. Tipperary. Your name will be on the bag. Please ring the transparent bell if the door looks closed.

Duration listed is approximate based on general doses advised.
TINCTURES – 150 ml 2 wk supply €25 / 300 ml 3 – 4 wk supply €42
POWDERS – Nutrition Powder 3 – 4 wk supply €35 – €40 * / Bowel Powder 3 – 6 wk supply €15 – €20
DECOCTIONS – €25 – €30* – depending on herb
INFUSIONS – Small bag (child) €9 / Large bag €16 
CAPSULES – 60 capsules  €25 – €35 (depending on herb/supplement)
SALVES are made to order for skin conditions.

*Note : Nutrition powders (NP).  NP’s can include high dose vitamins, amino acids or certain  herbs.  Herbal formula prices can vary depending on availability & cost of individual herbs.
*A select few supplements are also stocked in the Better Health Clinic to make more readily available to patients.

Shipping rates – 

Ireland & Northern Ireland –  Light €6  (0 – 120g) / Medium €8 –  120g + / Heavy €10 – 300g +

UK –  Light €8  / Heavy €15 

Europe –  Light €10  / Heavy €25 

Ireland – Approx. 1 – 2 days  UK – 5 -10 days, Europe 5 – 10 days.  Clinic does not accept responsibility for delays due to Covid.

Your eyes are more unique than a finger print!  Iridology uses a high resolution picture of both your eyes.  It is a useful diagnostic tool to add further information to your medical history & symptom picture.  It gives valuable insight into your basic constitution, genetic predisposition, and physiological traits and weaknesses.  In particular the digestive system is very clearly visible in the eye.  

Most recent smart phones will have cameras good enough to take a quality image.  Only the pupil should be in the image i.e. little no whites of eyes or eyelashes should be seen.  Both eyes must be taken.  Press the middle of the phone camera to zoom and get a detailed image.  If the images are taking too long to send, resize them to under 1mb.  Most phones will allow images to be resized after they are taken.  

Iridology consultations are included in your first Herbal medicine & Nutritional consultations.  They are also available with the Nutritional & Lifestyle Report from the Better Health Shop here.

-Top up for existing patients that have moved out of monthly rotation in the clinic. 
-Advise on a health condition for you or a loved one.   – Advice on Shop products or general public who wish to have a supplements inventory (whats in your cubboard).
-Any person already registered with the clinic requiring a remedy or advice for an acute condition.  An acute condition is defined by sudden onset and temporary such as muscle injury, wound, cold, cough etc. In some cases, acute conditions reflect a generally weakened immune system and you may be advised to take a longer consultation. 

Launching in….  The Yoga Videos are currently available. These courses are interactive and will cover a range of topics such as Fix your bowels, Managing Chronic pain, Yoga Therapy.  Titles are being developed and will be released as they are completed.  Thankyou for your patience.  Once purchased you will have 6 months access.  They will be a mixture of video and text.  The focus is to educate you on how to manage  and improve health outcomes.  These are protocols that Siobhan Shinnors, has been using in the clinic successfully.  It allows individuals to work at their own pace and within a timed manageable budget.  

The Nutritional & Lifestyle Report is a one off report that provides a complete wellness programme for your needs.  It also includes one support email.  Advised supplements / whole herbs can be purchased at your own pace.