Iridology Analysis Nutrition


This report provides a comprehensive personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you achieve your health goals.  Your health goals, Iridology Analysis & medical history are considered to provide the best plan for you.  See  FAQ HOW TO TAKE AN IRIDOLOGY PHOTO.

NOTE – This is not suitable for people taking medication. Choose an online or face to face consult in this case.


INCLUDES where appropriate

  • Iridology Analysis – explains your constitutional strengths & weaknesses.  Identifies very clear digestive picture and different organ systems that need ‘relaxing’, ‘toning’, ‘balancing’.  The analysis will influence your report content.
  • Food avoidances
  • Menu plans with links to recipes
  • Mind Body practises such as breathwork & yoga movements
  • Key lifestyle changes
  • Supplementation advice
  • Direction on best products from the better health shop
  • Each patient report is written after consultation form is completed
  • One support email following receipt of your report.


  • face to face, online consultation or phone consultation
  • personalised herbal formulas

Additional information


Nutrition & Lifestyle Report, Nutrition & Lifestyle Report with Iridology Analysis


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