Vit C Wholefood


A superior wholefood Vitamin C powder, giving a minimum of 800mg per 1/2 tsp.  It includes bioflavonoids for best absorption, polyphenols and anthocyanins to keep your  blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting good circulation. 

INGREDIENTS: hawthorn berry, rosehips, acerola cherry, pharmaceutical grade sodium ascorbate

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  • Take ½ tsp in water or juice. Taken away from food as a more cleansing action
  • Take ½ tsp x 2 day for upper dose
  • Provides approx. 2 – 3 months supply


  • Hawthorn Berries rich in- Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are compounds found in grape seed and pine bark extracts. They have been used to improve blood flow, reduce symptoms of diabetes, and to ease swelling in the joints. 
  • Rosehips are the fruit from the Rose bush. They have one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), with up to 60 times the Vitamin C of citrus fruit. Rosehips are also rich in bioflavonoids, that aid in the absorption of Vitamin C.  They have shown to reduce joint pain in numerous studies.
  • Acerola Cherry together with rosehips are rich in anthocyanins which improve brain function and protect again memory loss.  It is also a rich source of natural vitamin c.
  • Sodium ascorbate acid is a buffered form of vit c and is gentle on the stomach.
  • More than just Vit C – also anti inflammatory & cardio protective food.

All Better Health Products use products from a trusted & traceable source.

Note: this is not meant to replace a well-balanced diet. Contact your local healthcare practitioner or Siobhán Shinnors for a consultation or purchase a Personalised Nutrition Report for further support.

CAUTIONS: Always refer to a healthcare practitioner if you are on medication or pregnant before taking herbs or supplements. Not suitable for pregnancy

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