NMN Powder 18g

NMN is a reduced form of B3 which increase NAD+ levels which naturally decline with age.  NAD+ enhances mitochondrial metabolism, prevents age associated weight gain, promotes vascular health, increases energy levels and offers many anti aging benefits.  

INGREDIENTS: 99.9% purity nicotinamide mononucleotide powder.  No fillers, no additives.  BBE  Dec 2025 (New Batch!)


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  • 500mg – 1g placed under the tongue to dissolve (sublingual is superior absorption than capsule form) 
  • Max rec dose = 1g per day.  
  • Provides approx 28 days supply at 600mg (4x 150mg) supply daily
  • 150mg micro spoon provided.  
  • Take early in the day away from food.  


  • Increases NAD levels which naturally decline as we age. 
  • Higher NAD levels are associated with less disease and longer healthier lives.
  • Some cofactors such as resveratrol and trimethylglycine partner well with this supplement.

All Better Health Products use products from a trusted & traceable source.

Note: this is not meant to replace a well-balanced diet. Contact your local healthcare practitioner or Siobhán Shinnors for a consultation or purchase a Personalised Nutrition Report for further support.

CAUTIONS: Always refer to a healthcare practitioner if you are on medication or pregnant before taking herbs or supplements. 

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