CrampEase Powder


Blended for those with symptoms of cramping or nervous stomach.

INGREDIENTS: Wild Yam, CrampBark, Wormwood, Marshmallow, SlipperyElm, Ginger

The bowel blends are one of the most frequently used formulas in the clinic.  They can be purchased in powder or capsule form.  Dosage 2.5g or 2 -3 capsules.



(Dose in vol not weight).

  • 5g x 1 day 15mins before a meal.
  • Increase / decrease as needed
  • Max dose 5g x 2 day.


  • These bowel blends have a 12-24hr delayed response
  • This blend can reduce spasm in the bowel wall
  • This powder may calm a hyper bowel
  • May improve symptoms of bloating
  • Ideally used alongside a wellness program to treat underlying cause.

All Better Health Products use Herbs from a trusted & traceable source using the finest quality. The majority of herbs used are either organic or wild crafted.

Note: this is not meant to replace a well-balanced diet. Contact your local healthcare practitioner or Siobhán Shinnors for a consultation or purchase a Personalised Nutrition Report or Fix Your Bowels Course for extra support.

CAUTIONS: Always refer to a healthcare practitioner if you are on medication or pregnant before taking herbs or supplements.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

60 caps (1g per cap), 65g, Powder 65g


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