Lions Mane Extract


Hericium Erinaceus High Strength 40% Beta 1,3/1,6

No fillers, No binders, 100% whole fruiting body extract.  Each 1000mg capsule contains approx 500mg in weight.  This Lions Mane extract contains over ten times more polysaccharides then non extract powder.



Take 1 -2 capsules daily early in the morning.  OR 1g of powder  in a little water.

– High strength extract is concentrated with beta glucans hence 500mg – 1g powder provides active dose.

– Ancient formula known for many well researched benefits.

– One study showed significant improvement in cognition over a 16 week period

– Has a stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) on the brain. It can be used to support growth and survival of new neurons.

– Supports healthy gut flora and digestion

– Protects against h pylori bacteria and ulcers

Further information – Lions mane should be taken for a minimum of 12 week period to see benefits.  Mushrooms contain chitins which needs to be boiled and/or alcohol extracted to obtain the many health benefits.  Many products are sold as simply lions mane powder.  These need to be further extracted by the customer to gain the many benefits listed above by boiling for extended periods and/or alcohol extracted.  This lions mane extract needs as little as 500mg – 1g per day for benefits listed above.  If taking this product for bowel health it pairs well with the nutri repair powder.  If you require more detailed advise around any supplement in the shop please take advantage of the 30min phone consultation.  

Additional information

Weight 200 g

"Powder 30g", "Powder 60g", "Capsules 6o"


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