Anti-viral, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Decongestant & Digestive

Recipe: Fire Cider Vinegar

Recipe by Yoga Herbalist

Start Your Batch Now – protects you from acute persistent viral infections.


  • 1 750ml or 1litre glass Kilner Jar or Equivalent

  • 750ml of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)*

  • 1 medium sized onion

  • 10 Cloves of garlic or 1 small bulb

  • ½ Cup of fresh horseradish grated or 2 tbsp of powder

  • ½ Cup of fresh turmeric grated or 4 tbsp of powder

  • ½ Cup of fresh ginger grated

  • 2 Jalapeno peppers chopped

  • ¼ tsp cayenne pepper

  • ½ tsp clove powder or 1 tbsp of fresh cloves

  • 2 tbsp of fresh thyme finy chopped or dried

  • ½ Lemon with rind chopped finely

  • 1 Orange with rind chopped finely

  • ½ Cup of raw honey


  • 1 tbsp hawthorn berry powder

  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder

  • 1 tbsp dried sage / 2 tbsp dried rosemary


  • Add all ingredients to your glass jar except the honey.
  • Pour in ACV until ingredients are completely covered. If you use a jar with a metal lid place a cotton or paper in between to avoid vinegar contacting it.
  • Shake jar vigorously and place in a cool dark place for minimum 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks.
  • Strain the contents via a muslin cloth or equivalent and discard the pulp.
  • Add honey to taste and bottle.
  • Dosage – Maintenance 2 tbsp per day (can dilute it if not using medicinally). Onset of infection 2 tbsp every 3 hrs until symptoms abate

    Nutritional Information

    • Overall this home remedy has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (prevents damage to tissue during illness), expectorant (clears mucous) and anti-parasitic properties.  The onion, rich in quercetin, is a potent anti-oxidant and is rich in b vitamins.  Garlic is a potent anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic food.  Raw honey has antibiotic properties & adds a moistening quality to this elixir.  Capsicum (Chilli) is a vasodilator.  It increases blood flow.  Both chilli and ginger improve absorption of the other ingredients. Cinnamon Bark & Clove break up biofilm[i].  Nowadays the excessive use of antibiotics has resulted in the appearance of biofilm resistant diseases.  Biofilms have multiple characteristics that make them physically, and genetically resilient to antibiotics.  They are implicated in many chronic conditions as well as super bugs or resistant viral and bacterial infections. 
    • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – is a non-alcoholic solvent for extraction of herbs and a natural preservative.  It moderately manages blood glucose levels, has some probiotic properties and is a great digestive support particularly in the digestion of fats.
    • Orange Peel which is abundant in hesperidin (beneficial effect on blood vessels) is also antiviral  especially against the Herpes simplex HSV 1 & 2 virus.[iii]  It is a natural decongestant helping to remove mucous from lungs and has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties[iv].  Lemon Peel has many similar benefits.
    • Horseradish – Anyone who has sinus congestion should experience the power of horseradish for clearing the sinuses. Its heat thins mucous and helps elimination.  It grows quite well in Ireland although I don’t think it’s so easy to come by as a powder.
    • Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory, Curcumin, will be enhanced with the use of ginger and cayenne.  Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection whether it’s bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic.  In acute infection e.g. Human Corona viruses (hCoVs), elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine responses result in acute lung injury[v]. This is known as cytokine storming.  Curcumin blocks cytokine release and most importantly the key pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin 1 & 6[vi].  Turmeric also has some anti biofilm activity.
    Siobhan Shinnors

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist and Yoga Therapy

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist and Yoga Therapy

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