Slippery Elm Bark Powder


Benefits Lungs, Stomach, Colon, Kidneys & Bladder

INGREDIENTS: Fine organic Slippery Elm Bark powder
A highly nutritive & demulcent powder for reliable repair to mucous membranes

DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND FOR THIS PRODUCT IT IS LIMITED TO 1 UNIT PER CUSTOMER, The nutrirepair powder is an excellent alternative.



  • 1 tsp Children, 2 – 3 tsp Adults
  • Add to 200 – 300ml of boiled water or warm plant milk mix well, add honey to taste
  • See recipe slippery elm bark pudding.
  • Can be made into a paste and applied topically to treat wounds & ulcers

All Better Health Products use Herbs from a trusted & traceable source using the finest quality. The majority of herbs used are either organic or wild crafted.

Note: this is not meant to replace a well-balanced diet. Contact your local healthcare practitioner or Siobhán Shinnors for a consultation or purchase a Personalised Nutrition Report.

CAUTIONS: Always refer to a healthcare practitioner if you are on medication or pregnant before taking herbs or supplements.


  • The high mucilage in slippery elm makes it highly beneficial for all the mucous membranes, particularly the colon, kidneys, lungs and topically on the skin
  • It is highly effective for GERD, IBS, Reflux, parasites, Irritated bladder.  
  • It is full of vital nutrients and can be used like a food.  See Recipe 


  • Good question – The mucilage is activated when added to water or milk preferably warm or a long soak if in cold water.  This creates a loose thicker liquid that coats the lining of oesphagus stomach, colon and eventually the bladder to some extent.   It is least effective in capsule form for this reason and correct dosage would require a lot of capsules.  


There are about 35 species of elm trees but only one slippery elm tree variety (ulmus rubra) which grows in the united states.  The better health clinic ensures that slippery elm sold is strictly the inner lining with a high mucilage count and from sustainable sources.  If the product is mixed with outer bark it will be darker in colour and have reduced mucilage and higher tannins  which may irritate the gut rather than heal.



What is Slippery Elm good for?

Slippery elm bark can be used expelling tape worms, diarrhea, IBS, Colitis, Gerd and Reflux

Is it safe to take slippery elm everday?

It is very safe to take slippery elm bark continuously.  It can be considered a food and can be made into a porridge see here

Who should not take slippery elm?

Slippery Elm bark powder is suitable for everyone from babies, adults and even your furry pet.  As always if you are under medication it should be used under guidance or opposite ends of the day to avoid absorption issues.  #slipperyelmfordogs

What are the side effects of slippery elm inner bark?

It can interfere with absorption of medication if taken together.

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