Inflammation is at the heart of many diseases. The body’s natural response to injury or infection is to release chemicals from white blood cells to protect against foreign invaders and this creates increased blood flow and so heat to the affected area. Chlorophyll rich foods ability to both clean and build the blood with anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful 3 fold medicine.

Fighting Inflammation in a Single Juice

This juice will give relief to those with arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, cystitis and has anti tumour properties.

Chlorophyll found in all green foods (the darker the better), is remarkably similar to the human red blood cell & is one of the reasons why green foods are considered blood building foods. It enters the blood stream pretty quickly, increasing oxygen uptake. This lifts the mood by combating oxidative stress[i] and can improve inflammation and act like a natural mild anti-depressant. Green foods/juices also have the highest folate content of all other plants. Folate is the natural version of synthetic folic acid. It helps the brain produce neurotransmitters, including serotonin, which affects mood.

The Juice Recipe

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  • 3-4 sticks celery

  • generous amount of ginger

  • 8-10 Dandelion Leaves

  • Bunch of Cleavers

  • Handful of parsley

  • 1-2 thick slices of fresh pineapple

  • 1 apple. Makes

  • ½ Pint of juice


  • You can replace the wild greens with Kale to start off. This may be wiser if you are only just embarking on a healthier diet. A strong green juice with bitter qualities may cause nausea if your body is quite acidic.
  • The other option is to dilute with equal parts of purified water. This would help in reducing down any strong cleansing or reaction.

    Nutritional Information

    • Celery is one of the most alkalising foods on the planet and is rich in plant sodium which removes uric acid from the body. Stress and poor diet can cause chronic acidity in the body. Long term acid condition leads to inflammation. It is not possible to change this over night so juicing celery for some, may taste like poison until the body slowly moves to a healthier ph balance. The solution again is start with small doses.
    • Parsley leaf(related to the celery) is also an excellent diuretic, super dense in chlorophyll and one of the highest sources of Vit C in Green Foods. Vit C is an important nutrient that help combat inflammation as it neutralises the effects of toxins in the body and supports healthy immune function.
    • Dandelion leaves are a natural & powerful medicine for the bladder & kidneys. It removes excess fluid from the body, fluid retention can be a side effect to inflammation. Its bitter quality is excellent digestive & is particularly indicated for inflammation of the gallbladder and digestive tract in general.
    • Pineapple is a surprising fruit and in plenty supply in supermarkets at the moment. It is rich in vitamin c, so a natural immune enhancer. It also contains bromelain an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps break down protein. Studies have been done measuring pineapple for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation, especially IBS and joint pain with quite impressive results.[i] Most of the bromelain is contained in the stem though, so juicing is the perfect solution and stem should be included. Pineapple may affect those with gastritis, this will depend on whether the condition is caused by too much or too little acid and this subject deserves a post by itself. Although when combined with so many other alkalising ingredients it may not matter.
    • This juice will give relief to those with Joint Pain, Inflammation, IBS, Arthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia, cystitis, & has anti-tumour properties. This juice is not suitable for those on warfarin due its high vit k content. It may irritate those with chronic excess acid condition taking over the counter ant acid tablets.
    Siobhan Shinnors

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist and Yoga Therapy

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Siobhan Shinnors

    Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist and Yoga Therapy

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