Chickpea Rocket Salad with a Twist

Recipe: Chickpea Rocket Salad with a Twist

Nutritional Makeup. Vitamin c particularly fennel, onion & pepper), B Vitamins (particularly cabbage), manganese (very important for bones), Protein (chickpeas). Grate the Fennel, Cabbage & Carrot together (machine better). Add all other ingredients to grated mixture. Add a dash braggs liquid amino acids or soya sauce,
Pinch pink Himalayan sea salt

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Nettle & Amaranth Calcium Soup

Recipe: Nettle & Amaranth Calcium Soup

Amaranth is a complete protein as it contains all the amino acids. Both amaranth & nettles are high in calcium. Nettles are also rich in iron and have natural antihistamine properties. If you are one of the 1 in 5 Irish people suffer from hay fever this soup will improve

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Caisearbhán (Irish)

Herbs: The Power of the Dandelion

The Dandelion has always been a flower I feel very connected to. I remember using it on warts as children and the funny names given to it. I mostly like it for its stunning colour. This year was a great year for Dandelions they were bigger, brighter and more beautiful

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Raw Coconut Cheesecake

Recipe: Raw Coconut Cheesecake

Add one tablespoon of vanilla essence and mix well with a spoon. Transfer to a blender and add remaining ingredients and blend until a smooth consistency. Should be something like custard. Measurement for the sweetener should be added according to taste. So add in blend and taste and continue to

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Musing on Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to be the new buzzword popping up everywhere, Schools, Hospitals and local community centres. Mindfulness is a translation from the Sanskrit word Sati, meaning to be in the moment and aware of the present. It seems a contradiction that the translation was interpreted as mindfulness as opposed to

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Brownie Squares

Recipe: Raw Brownie Squares

This yummy energy booster has a high protein content, balances hormones and feeds the nervous system and skin with healthy fats and B Vitamins. It Contains walnuts, hazel nuts, coconut flour, maca powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cinnamon and small amount of raisins.

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Yoga is More Than Exercise

Yoga is not just an exercise. It is so much more than that. There are so many physiological changes going on as we move and breathe in unison. The steady rhythmical breath is the key to joining the mind, emotions to action. Yoga Postures without observation of the breath is

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Breathe, Move, and Meditate

Breathe, Move, and Meditate with Siobhán Shinnors

A yoga practise increases vitality when it is reflecting our current needs, whether this is to cope with an injury or support a stressful period, an athlete looking to improve performance or a student undergoing exams. On completion of a beginners yoga course with Siobhán Shinnors (YogaHerbalist), a student will

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